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The mission of The A. Shawn Group is to benefit the world by enhancing the lives of others, innovating and relentlessly pursuing extraordinary achievements.

The Phoenix

The A. Shawn Group is represented by The Phoenix, a famous bird in Greek Mythology associated with the Sun and most legendary for its ability to die and be reborn through the ashes of its predecessor. In general, The Phoenix symbolizes renewal, and in our minds, new possibilities and a reminder of the work that remains to be completed. The spirit of The Phoenix is reflected in The A. Shawn Group and its ventures. A “never give up” attitude permeates throughout the organization and its work.
At The A. Shawn Group, we recognize that our mission is grand, and may even feel unachievable at times. However, it is in those moments of doubt that we must, like The Phoenix, renew our vigorous pursuit of our mission and vision. In the spirit of The Phoenix, the ventures of The A. Shawn Group will now and forever be constant reflections of our relentlessness and our unwillingness to abandon our mission.

André Walters
Chairman and CEO
The A. Shawn Group


We’re owners in some very innovative ventures. We only participate in ventures that help us to further pursue our mission. A few of them are below. Check back for new ones in the future.

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